Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction in China's State Farm System

IED works in cooperation with the state farm Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture and the China State Farm Economic Development Center with the goal of making a comprehensive analysis of the utilization of energy, water, agricultural waste and community waste in China's state farm system. IED provides advice and technical support concerning energy savings, emissions reduction and waste recycling for the 12th Five-Year Plan period of China’s State Farm system.

As of February 2011, the program had completed two research surveys over the preceding two years. In 2009, the investigation of five major state farm sites including Xinjiang and Heilongjiang contributed to the analysis of several cyclic agricultural economic patterns with different ways of recycling waste. In 2010, a related survey offered constructive proposals with respect to renewable energy, bio-composting technology and the management of energy savings and emissions reduction. In addition, the program has also trained more than 70 people from the management personnel of 32 provincial-level farms, which has improved the trainees' awareness of energy conservation and accelerated the promotion of related technology. More recently, the program has targeted the construction of energy saving systems and management of carbon assets in order to develop State Farms into a model for the agricultural industry.