New Ventures China Program


About New Ventures China (NVC)

Accelerating small and medium enterprises for environmental & social benefits
The New Ventures China Program is a not-for-profit program initiated by World Resources Institute (WRI) and jointly-launched between WRI and IED. It provides support to innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with positive environmental and social impacts in China and addresses the key development challenges that they face. As one of the few business development service providers working specifically with environmental SMEs, the program is positioned not only to help individual companies, but also to address barriers to the growth of the sector more broadly to explore solutions for a sustainable economy in China.

Since its establishment in 2003 the program has provided business development support to more than 400 innovative environmentally-focused enterprises. To date it has selected over 60 enterprises for the NVC portfolio and has facilitated US$150 million in investment into 20 companies.


Year Founded: 2003

Strategic Partner: World Resources Institute

● Shell Companies in China ● Alcoa Foundation ● CITI Foundation

The NVC program prioritizes enterprises that seek the following results:
● Biodiversity conservation
● Energy efficiency
● Natural resources conservation
● Pollution prevention & waste reduction
● Sustainable energy
● Sustainable land use
● Water resource management

Core Areas

Facilitating Investment to Spur Growth;
Developing Successful Business;
Associated Network of Green SMEs;
Impact Report;
South-south Cooperation;
Brand-building for Green SMEs;
Providing Thought Leadership through Solution-Driven Research;

Portfolio Companies (Part)

● Beijing Shenwu Thermal Energy
● Beijing Organic Farm
● Beijing DQY Agricultural Technology
● Beijing Sinen Tech
● Beijing ECOSO
● Beijing Everfirst
● Beijing Green Channel
● Beijing HCC Energy
● Beijing Landwasher
● Beijing Shengchang Bioenergy
● Shenyang SMEs Credit Guarantee Center
● Nanjing Ecostar
● Shanghai Ghrepower
● Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Solution
● Yangzhou Jinding Electronics
● Tianjin Lotus Biological Technology
● Tianjin Renergy Electric
● Southwest Bamboo Industry
● Xichang Zelan Biotech
● Wenzhou Nalisi
Walter Ge, Director, New Ventures China
Tel: +86-10-65123767-110